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Is DWI only for teams/groups?

NO! Single registrations are also allowed, DWI is for everyone!


What is the price for DWI?

Please see our Pricing Page for more details.


Is the registration price for a Team per person or per Team? Does the team price cover the whole team?

The team registration pricing is for a team, per person.


What is the difference if I register as team or as an individual? What is the benefit of registering as a team? 

The pricing model will allow for a significant discount, as well as additional perks sent to our teams.

Is there a daily/weekly schedule for the online courses offered in DWI?

Content will be distributed weekly for four weeks. You will have unlimited access to the content. 



Will everyone in a team purchase have unlimited access and be eligible for the certificate program?




What kind of work and worksheets can I expect?

A session outline and additional space for notes will. be provided for you.



Can international students register as well?




What is the estimated workload to fulfill the requirements of the University?

There is approximately 8-10hrs of content per week. 



I was unable to register with a non U.S. address, what should I do?

If outside the U.S., you can register using your email address by selecting that option when asked for your phone number.



Is it possible to get one rate to cover the entire team of 25 people?

For group pricing of 20 or more, please contact us. Click Here



What is the itinerary/schedule for DWI?

There is no itinerary, you can interact with the content at your discretion!


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