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An ALL-NEW, reimagined,  “Team Edition” intensive with a robust 4-week online curriculum, brand new speakers and content, and multiple courses that will equip you and your team with Leadership, Spiritual Discipline, Devotion, and Music Application.
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I have been on a search for something nearly my entire life. That "something" is a genuine, authentic move of God. I have prayed, cried and even fasted, like many who have gone on before us, to see what we are seeing now. I don't just believe it is coming - it's here!


However, I am determined to help other people experience it too.


We must prepare a generation to position themselves to experience all that God has for us in this season. The Lord wants to do something greater than anything you and I have ever experienced before. Can you imagine what would happen if we gave Him room to do it? What would happen if a generation of worship leaders and sound carriers positioned themselves, and their churches, to see it?


Deeper Worship Intensive (DWI) has been created to help equip and prepare you, and in so doing, equip and prepare those around you. We are committed to be a place of: Presence, Passion, Pursuit and Pragmatics. We want you to see what you sense. I know you want to see it. I know you are hungry for God. I also know many of you don’t feel like you have the necessary tools to lead in the way you long to. We want to help, and that’s why we have created DWI. A place where preparation meets demonstration.


Join us on the journey, the journey to more! Join DWI and prepare for what God has prepared for you and your church. 

- Pastor William McDowell

President & Host

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For the first time ever, we are offering worship teams and leaders an ONLINE-ONLY experience that delivers an in-depth dive into immersive, transformative, and collaborative learning.


This ground-breaking curriculum presents students with a wealth of knowledge and information from some of the world's leading professionals and experts in various industries.

Week 1

This module will take you through the spiritual and practical aspects of a consistent life of worship, resulting in continual deep encounters in God's presence on and off of the platform.

Week 2

This module is for leaders of all kinds, teaching key principles of staying ahead of the curve to effectively steward the vision God has given you.

Week 3

A life of success is a life of discipline. This module will feature key takeaways you can implement that will deepen your spiritual roots in Christ.

Week 4

More than an art form, music is a realm. This module will teach everything from songwriting, to using technology to improve your worship experience.


Deeper Worship Intensive is place of presence, passion, pursuit and pragmatics. By pursuing God, we prepare worship leaders and sound carriers. 

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“My heart is overwhelmed and so full of joy. My takeaway is to always keep the fire burning.” 

—  Minette H.

Santa Rosa, CA

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